Cumbria & Lancashire Autumn Newsletter


Welcome to the North West Ambulance Service Community First Responder site


1,501 Areas...

...the separate areas of support provided to the Trust.

9,685 Hours...

... in total during a 12 month duration volunteered.

1,035 Volunteers...

...throughout the North West region.

Different Types of CFRs...

There are two different types of CFRs volunteering in communities:

Community First Responders (CFR) are equipped with an AED, pocket mask (currently withdrawn due to Covid)  oxygen, hand held suction (currently withdrawn due to Covid), tympanic/infrared thermometer, mechanical blood pressure, pulse oximetry and wound dressings.

Enhanced Community First Responders (ECFR) have additional equipment and are trained and assessed by NWAS clinical staff to check blood glucose levels and if required administer dextrose gel. They are also equipped with cervical collars and CAT tourniquets.

For cardiac related chest pain they can administer 300mg aspirin. They can also administer Entonox if needed to control pain levels where appropriate.

We are Recruiting CFR's

CFR's are supporting communities across the North West but we are currently looking for more volunteers to get involved. Click on the area you live to see if we are recruiting near you.

Cumbria & Lancashire

We are recruiting in all areas of Cumbria and Lancashire. Click to request an application pack ensuring you state which area you are based

COVID-19 Response and Update

During Covid-19, alterations have been made to the E/CFR role. When attending a call E/CFR’s must don Level 2 PPE. E/CFRs must withdraw when paramedic crew arrive and become a runner to support. E/CFRs should not be present while doing AGPs as they only have Level 2 PPE. ECFRs currently cannot use OP airways or BVMs. CFRs are currently unable to use pocket masks and no responder can use any suction device.


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